Novel Target in the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease?/
Nieuw aangijpingspunt in de behandeling van Alzheimer?

Alzheimer research project by a multidisciplinary team of experts from the Netherlands, Germany, USA and Slovakia

People with increased levels of ceramide lipids have an eightfold increased chance of developing Alzheimer's Disease (AD). The lipid balance is also influenced by a specific transporter protein for ceramides. The team will start to answer the question whether the changes in lipid balance is detectable already in an early stage of the disease. The aim is to investigate that the disease can be prevented or it's progress be slowed down by drugs that influence the level of lipids in the brain.  

Using animal models for AD the team will investigate how sphingolipids might influence or trigger the beginning of the disease.  In addition, they will investigate as to whether in variants of the disease modulation of the metabolism of sphingolipids by drugs has a beneficial effect.